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Hoist and Travel Units
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Lifting Machine Dimension Tolerances : Devamını okumak için kaydolun...
Examples for Types of Hoists : Devamını okumak için kaydolun...
Hoist and Travel Unit Design : Devamını okumak için kaydolun...
Hoist Selection For Lifts : Devamını okumak için kaydolun...
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Flash News
Dibis1 Project
The cranes, manufactured as a result of the coordination between "Power Machines Group" one of the biggest energy companies in Russia and as a KOBI "Bayursan " under financial support of United Nations were delivered to be installed at the natural gas power plant in Iraq. The giant cranes are the most extensive and highest capacity cranes, manufactured by a KOBI in Turkey under financial support of United Nations to be installed abroad.

Bayursan is looking for partnership for a new project gained award of TÜBİTAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey). This project will be a standard and serial production for "Modular Travelling Systems" of industrial machines and crane field. Candidates who want business as individually or as a company please contact with Bayursan.

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