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Crane Rail Dimesions DIN 536

A Section S Section
A tipi   vinç rayları S tipi   vinç rayları


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6x36 steel core warrington rope



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18x7 fiber core nuflex wire rope



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Static Strength 

The following loadings are take into account::
LOADING CASE 1 (Crane working without wind):

  • Dead weight of the main girder.
  • Dead of the trolley.
  • Vertical impact force on the SWL due to lifting motion. In FEM standard this factor is ≥1.15, depending on the lifting speed.
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Fatigue Strength

Fatigue is checked in loading case 2 . In overhead travelling cranes fatigue becomes important in higher crane groups (FEM 3, 4, ,5 and 6). Risk for failure can often be avoided by good design.

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UPN Profiles

 upn   profiles

European Standard Channels
(DIN 1026-1: 2000)

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Foundation and Support Calculation Basis of Jib Cranes (Simplified):

A, B; width and length of  base plate (A ≤  B)
W1 = Lifting capacity of crane + weight of crane (kgf)
W2 = Total weight of rotating arm and supports (kgf)
W3 = Total weight of carrying column and base plate (kgf) “At column axis”
L1, L2 = The distances between the action points of the weights or forces and column axis (cm)
A = Base plate width (cm)
M1, M2 = The moments caused by vertical forces (kgf . cm)
F = The effective forces on base plate
f = The  load distribution under base plate.
∑Md = Sistemi devirmeye çalışan momentler toplamı (
∑Mk = Devrilmeye karşı gelen momentler toplamı (

For the stability of the simplified system, the algebraic sum of all vertical resultant forces should be zero and the sum of clockwise and anticlockwise moments should be equal. Thus;

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Rope Reeving Arrangement

The higher the number of falls means the lower the lifting speed and lifting height, but the higher lifting capacity of hoist. ie:
With hoist model CR3 of 2/1 falls means, 10 tons capacity with 4/1 falls, but at the same time half of lifting speed in the same FEM group.

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Operation Instructions for Tower Cranes

1 - Tower cranes must be operated only by the assigned and authorized operator. Any other person must not operate the crane.

2 - Travelling personnel in load basket is forbidden.

3 - The loading capacity table – chart must be hanged available at the place where the hoist unit is in use at all times. It is forbidden to carry any load exceeding the maximum permitted load.

4 - It is forbidden to transfer the suspended loads above the persons. When absolutely necessary, the suspended load may be transferred above machinery and vehicles. Besides, there must not be any person under the load which are lifted or descended.

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Bayursan Modular Travelling Units

Practical restoration and renewing of overhead cranes for time and money saving operations by Bayursan ’s modular travelling wheel units.

Old and huge crane bodies can be restored and renewed with this system, even when they are on their runways, without taking them on the ground level now.

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Bayursan is looking for partnership for a new project gained award of TÜBİTAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey). This project will be a standard and serial production for "Modular Travelling Systems" of industrial machines and crane field. Candidates who want business as individually or as a company please contact with Bayursan.

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